A-dec 300

The A-dec 300 dental unit is a reflection of our commitment to providing the highest quality care to the patient and sends the message of an innovative practice. The modern design of the dental chair ensures high comfort and allows for the performance of high standard procedures. It is basically the perfect match between style and functionality.


The Melag Company logo is: ”Competence in hygiene” and most importantly: Quality – Made in Germany.

The autoclave that is used by the Dent Smile Design Practice is of the Vacuklav 24B + type,  Melag brand. The autoclave is an equipment intended for high pressure steam medical instruments sterilization, saturated at 121 °C. This device is also provided with water cooling system of the vacuum pump.


The MELAflash system consists of a MELAflash CF card and the MELAflash card reader. Sterilization logs are easily saved on a PC with no additional connection of the autoclave to the external printer.

MELAseal 100+

This a tight sealing device intended for sterilization foils.

MELAdoc is a labeling gun for the sterile medical instruments. The labels are of the double adhesive tape type and bear the sterilization batch number, the sterilization date and the sterilization validity date. These labels are glued in the MELAdoc special notebook.

GC Silver Mix

This equipment is intended for controlled stirring uniformization (time, frequency, amplitude) of the capsule composition in dental materials that are used for dentistry purposes. The system is provided with a digit display that displays information on the ongoing program.


This an innovative system intended for mounting on the hand piece of the dental unit. SonicFill is a composite that includes a modifying property resin reacting to sonic energy. Since the sonic energy is applied through the hand piece, the composite viscosity drops up to 87%,  so as to increase composite fluidity and the composite thus becomes more easily moldable and adjustable to the cavity walls.


This is an instrument intended for composite application and molding and is recommended for all types of dental restoration.  It optimizes the composites’ thixotropic properties by the very viscosity modification alone, without affecting the chemical and the mechanical properties of the material.



This is an automatic mixing device for two or several materials that are used for teeth indentation. Regardless of the indentation material viscosity, the Sympress system is easy to use thanks to its perfect ergonomics; it is provided with a timer and is truly liable in any situation.


The Megagen Dental Implant Company has a full range of products intended for implantology, periodontology and oral surgery:   Megagen implant systems, bone substitutes,   nonresorbable membranes. The Megagen dental implants feature a platform-switch and cone catching of the dental abutment, for reliable and long-term results.


The medical and dental instruments that our practice uses are manufactured and supplied exclusively by HLW Germany Company.

PathFiles Dentsply

This an endodontic instrument systems intended for dealing with even the most curved radicular canals. Once safely dealt with, these are available for adequate preparation, disinfection and obturation.

Protaper Next Dentsply

This is a revolutionary endodontic instrument system intended for the preparation of the radicular canal so as to allow the disinfection and the obturation thereof. The new M-wire technology ensures that this system is particularly resistant to wear and it may be thus used in highly curved root treatments.

Hyflex Colten

This is a system of endodontic instruments with a particular design and which are thermally treated and provided with the extraordinary capacity to bend and curve in space in order to allow for the preparation of the smallest and curved radicular canal. The fantastic characteristic of these instruments lies in the fact that they resume the initial unaltered shape in the presence of heat.


We chose 3M ESPE because they supply high quality products and are a partner that abides by the highest standards, offering practical and ingenious solutions that totally make the difference in a dental practice.


Coltene is a top worldwide developer, manufacturer and seller of small –sized supplies and consumables for dentists. The permanent improvements of their services are led by the professional knowledge and know-how acquired following discussions with worldwide management specialists and opinion leaders as well as with actual practitioners.

Ivoclar  Vivadent

This is a global leader and they supply innovative materials and quality processes in esthetic dentistry. The company supplies materials to dentists and dental laboratories worldwide.


Kuraray constantly manufactures quality innovative products that are fully compliant with the requirements of a continuously evolving profession. Kuraray makes sure that the dentist will always have a reliable partner in this company, since they maintain an intense and regular exchange of information with the clients, besides  they are focused on continuous research and training. Kuraray is the partner that has the ability to provide solutions for a new era in the field of top quality dental treatments and services.


They are a national and international manufacturer of dental supplies. Ever since 1981, they have continuously developed and manufactured dental products and supplies that are intended for dental restorative procedures.


They are an international leader in the field of dental material manufacturing.  All the products are developed and manufactured in the best available laboratory and manufacturing facilities.


They are focused on innovative development of dental practices and the improvement of dental service quality. Centrix is constantly increasing the line of various products, thus considering the professional opinion of dentists and turning specialized demands in new and innovative products, which support the dentist in the every day procedures in the dental practice.


They are the worldwide leader in the field of teeth whitening products. These gels contain an active whitening ingredient (carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) which penetrate the tooth enamel in order to reach discolored molecules. The oxygen molecules in the whitening agents interact with the discolored molecules in the teeth, then spread in thus whitening the entire tooth and the patient will in the end have a luminous white smile.


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